How to Get Depop Followers Fast


There are several effective strategies to boost your sales on Depop. In this article, we'll focus on one with the highest return on investment: Increasing Your Follower Count.

After reading this post, DepopAid users who haven't yet reached 10,000 followers should be well on their way to achieving that milestone.

Some DepopAid users already boast follower counts exceeding 30,000, 50,000, or even 100,000. If you're among them, you can skip the following section, as increasing your followers may not be your primary concern at this point.

The Importance of a Large Follower Base

More followers translate to more sales. When you list a new item, it reaches a wider audience, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Additionally, a larger follower base instills trust in potential buyers, making them more likely to purchase from your store. This is grounded in consumer psychology rather than any magical formula.

Strategies for Rapidly Increasing Your Follower Count

There are numerous methods to grow your follower count, including regularly listing new items, capturing attention with captivating photos, and enhancing the overall appeal of your store.

However, the fastest way to gain followers is by strategically following as many users as possible, as they are likely to reciprocate with a follow.

Numerous DepopAid users have successfully employed this approach, some even amassing thousands of followers within just a 7-day trial period.

Presently, DepopAid offers four methods for mass following users:

  • Follow buyers of a store.
  • Follow followers of a user.
  • Follow users followed by a user.
  • Follow users who have liked an item.

This article will focus on the first two methods.

First, visit a store that specializes in selling items similar to yours and boasts a substantial follower count and sales.

Second, activate the DepopAid extension and click the "Follow User's Buyers" button to follow users who have purchased items from this store (as they are highly likely to be interested in your items). Then, click the "Follow Followers" button to mass-follow the store's followers.

Third, once you reach the 7,501 follow limit, initiate mass unfollowing until your following count reaches zero. Then, proceed to another store and repeat the aforementioned steps.

You can open a separate Chrome window for DepopAid to facilitate this process.

Please refrain from using DepopAid in multiple Chrome windows simultaneously, as this may place undue strain on Depop's servers.

For additional insights on the topic of Depop bots, consult our recent article: Depop Bots - The Comprehensive Guide.

Take Action Now

Achieving a follower count of 10,000 is a significant milestone for Depop sellers. If you haven't reached it yet, make it a goal starting today. Commit to mass following (up to 7,501) and mass unfollowing (down to 0) at least once a day, and you'll soon reach that milestone.

Note: When employing the aforementioned mass following strategy, ensure that your store has a substantial number of items. An empty store will make it challenging to increase your followers rapidly, regardless of the method you use.

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