Depop Bot - The Ultimate Guide


Welcome to the comprehensive guide to Depop Bots, also known as Depop Sales Bots, as of the year 2023.

In this extensive guide, we will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding Depop Bots
  • How Depop Bots Function
  • Determining the Need for a Depop Bot
  • Benefits of Using a Depop Bot
  • Controversies Surrounding Depop Bots
  • Limitations of Depop Bots
  • Risks and Concerns

If you're considering using a Depop Bot, this guide is tailored for you.

Let's dive in.

What is a Depop Bot

A Depop Bot is a software tool designed to automate various daily tasks on the Depop platform. These bots can take the form of desktop software compatible with Mac, Windows, or Linux systems or as browser extensions, much like DepopAid - Your Smart Depop Assistant.

Depop Chrome Extension

Depop Bots assist with tasks such as refreshing your listings, sending bulk messages, following and unfollowing users, liking and unliking items, and more.

Some bots serve single functions, such as the Depop Refresh Bot, Depop Follow Bot, Depop Unfollow Bot, and Depop Like Bot, while others combine multiple single functions.

Regardless of their features, the primary objective of a Depop Sales Bot is to save you time and boost your sales on the Depop platform.

Mass Following People

Serious sellers can list hundreds of items in their stores, which can be time-consuming to refresh manually. Similarly, tasks like sending mass messages, following/unfollowing users, and liking/unliking items can be repetitive and drain your enthusiasm to sell on Depop.

While these tasks can improve your engagement and sales, they are better suited for automation through bots.

Increasing engagement on Depop is time-consuming

Where there's repetitive work, there are bots! This holds true for Depop, where various bots, ranging from Chrome extensions to desktop software, with varying features and performance, are readily available.

DepopAid stands as one of the most competitive apps on the market for Depop Bots. While this may sound biased, you can try it out to validate these claims for yourself.

How does a Depop Bot actually work

There's no magic behind Depop Bots; they rely on code!

Let's take the example of a Chrome extension-based bot. It's essentially a lightweight application composed of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

A Depop Bot is made up of code

When you click the "Refresh Now" button, the application sends a series of HTTP requests to the Depop server, introducing delays between each request to prevent server overload.

In fact, when you manually refresh an item, the underlying HTTP request is identical to the one made by a Depop Bot. The key difference is that manual refreshing involves clicking the button multiple times for each item, whereas a bot accomplishes the same task with minimal or zero clicks.

For repetitive tasks, bots have the upper hand over humans.

Do you need a Depop Bot

It's important to clarify that not all Depop sellers require the assistance of bots.

Many Depop users simply aim to sell the items in their closets, which typically consist of a limited number of items. Consequently, manually refreshing items doesn't consume much time, and their primary goal isn't maximizing profits from used item sales. In such cases, a bot may not be necessary.

Many Depop users just want to sell the used clothes in their closet

However, if you're a full-time Depop seller or aspire to become one, your workload increases significantly.

As a serious Depop seller, you must source items, capture high-quality images, craft precise and concise product descriptions, and continually engage with the platform. This includes regular item refreshing, fostering engagement, and managing various other tasks.

Serious sellers have a lot more work to do

Time is a precious resource, and it's in short supply for serious Depop sellers. This is where Depop Bots come into play.

If you're committed to your Depop business, using a bot is strongly recommended, if not essential.

The benefits you get

A Depop bot offers three primary benefits:

Time Savings

The most significant advantage of a Depop Sales Bot lies in its ability to save substantial amounts of time by handling repetitive tasks.

If I had to single out one reason to use a Depop bot, it would be this – time is your most valuable asset.

A Depop Bot saves you time

Given the choice, no one wants to spend excessive time clicking a mouse or tapping their phone for monotonous and tedious tasks.

Depop Bots provide the freedom to make that choice.

Increase in Sales

The second benefit of using a bot is the potential increase in sales.

As the article "Promote like a pro" suggests:

Great photography + accurate and succinct descriptions + constant activity on Depop = an improved chance of selling.

Your engagement on Depop plays a crucial role in boosting your sales. This includes listing new items (equivalent to refreshing existing ones), following other users to encourage them to follow you in return, liking other users' items to promote reciprocity, and more.

All of these activities can be automated by a Depop Bot.

Depop Bots are good at doing repetitive and boring work

Increase in Followers

A higher follower count translates to more sales because each time you list a new item, it reaches more users' feeds.

A bot can help you gain thousands of followers within a day or two by consistently following other users, a tactic often reciprocated by them.

Additionally, according to the Matthew Effect, the more followers you have, the more followers you're likely to acquire.

For further insights into increasing followers, you can refer to our post on "How to Get Depop Followers Fast."

Controversy surrounding Depop Bots

Depop Bots have always sparked controversy.

Are sellers permitted to use bots? It's not explicitly illegal, but it's evident that Depop discourages their use.

While Depop's Community Guidelines do not explicitly forbid the use of bots, its Privacy Policy states:

Although the Depop API is publicly available, we do not permit third parties to use it for any purpose at present.

It's clear that a Depop Sales Bot operates using the Depop API.

Many major platforms impose follow or rate limits to prevent bots from mass-following users, mass-unfollowing users, or performing bulk tasks.

For instance, Instagram has a follow limit of 7,500 people (while Depop's limit is 7,501 :D), and Instagram allows following only 40 to 60 accounts per hour. Platforms like Poshmark implement CAPTCHAs if users share items too rapidly to combat bot activity.

These platforms are well-aware of the presence of bots and apply restrictions to safeguard their platforms from potential harm or spam.

In essence, as long as you use bots responsibly, avoid causing harm to the platform or spamming other users, your account should remain safe, even when employing a bot.

Limitations of a bot

Depop Sales Bots cannot perform every conceivable task.

Firstly, Depop imposes several limitations that both humans and bots must adhere to. For instance, Depop enforces a cap on the number of users you can follow, limiting it to 7,501, even if you're using a bot.

Secondly, responsible bot developers should set constraints on their bots, even when platforms don't strictly enforce them. For instance, while Depop currently lacks a stringent rate limit, responsible developers should prevent their bots from executing tasks too rapidly. Excessive load on Depop's servers could lead to service disruptions or even downtime.

A well-designed bot should transparently communicate the time interval between consecutive tasks.

If a Depop Bot processes tasks within seconds, it's advisable to cease using it, as excessive speed could lead to issues down the line.

Although Depop currently imposes fewer restrictions compared to other platforms like Instagram or Poshmark, it's reasonable to anticipate stricter limitations in the future.

The introduction of more limitations by Depop will pave the way for bots to operate on the platform in a more sustainable and user-friendly manner, without causing disruptions.

Risks and concerns

Sellers' most significant concern is whether their accounts will be banned when using a Depop Bot. How risky is it?

In reality, a well-designed Depop Bot will minimize risks and prevent users from engaging in activities that could harm the platform. Think of it as hiring a real person who diligently helps you refresh listings, follow/unfollow users, and like/unlike items. If you had a real person doing these tasks, would you worry about your account getting banned? Probably not.

However, it's crucial to remember that not all Depop Bots are well-designed or responsible. If you detect any irregularities or issues with a bot, it's advisable to stop using it immediately.


Thank you for reading this article. I trust that you now have a clear understanding of what a Depop Bot is, how it operates, its advantages, and its limitations.

After absorbing this information, you should have a good idea of whether using a Depop Bot aligns with your goals. If the answer is yes, why not give DepopAid a try? I'm confident you'll find it valuable.

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