Depop Message Bot


What is a Depop Message Bot? It's an emotionless and tireless bot that just keeps sending messages to other Depop users for you. If you have a great product to sell or want to discount your products, you can message all of your followers and share the news with them. If you are selling some similar products to the hot products, you can message all likers of the hot products and tell them what you have. No more copy & paste!


Sending messages to your followers is the most direct way to make sales, based on the assumption that your followers are interested in your store and products. And if people like one specific product, they may be also interested in other similar products. So sending messages to the likers of an item is also a good way to make sales! Nevertheless, you should always bear in mind that you should never spam other Depop users, no matter they're your followers or not. Always be careful when sending mass messages, and make sure that the message you send out is useful to the people receiving it!


Head over to your store (your profile page), launch the DepopAid extension, hit the Message All Followers button, compose your message and click Send. Or, go to a specific product page, launch the DepopAid extension, hit the Message Product's Likers button, compose your message and click Send. Now go enjoy your life, DepopAid will take care of the rest.

Note: Keep the DepopAid window open while it's processing the tasks. We recommend using a separate Chrome Tab for DepopAid to handle the tasks. And don't use DepopAid in two different Tabs at the same time!

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.